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I’m not sure if I’m overlooking a feature here. I’d like to be able to select multiple objects, hold a modifier, and click the add keyframe button to add a keyframe to that particular property on all selected items. I know that if I hold option and click the add keyframe button, it adds a keyframe to all visible properties. It would be great to be able to hold command, and add a keyframe to opacity, and all selected items gain an opacity keyframe.

Is there a way to do that? If not, here’s hoping for hype 5!

Keep up the great work guys!

Here’s how to do set this up:

  1. Select items
  2. Press record
  3. Adjust the opacity (it should either be larger or smaller than what it was before). IF the playhead is at time zero it will not make an animation.
  4. You now have an opacity keyframe for each of those elements:

At the beginning of this animation I show the option + click flow, but then later I show off the above method:

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Well duh. In looking for a key command, I totally overlooked the record button. Thanks!


So I can’t seem to get this to work right.

I’m trying to add an opacity fade out to a number of objects at the end of a timeline. When I hit record, it doesn’t place a keyframe where the playhead is. So the objects begin to fade out too early, instead of the end where I’d like. Please see attached video.

What happens.


What’s wanted.

Thanks for the help again!

You have to add another key frame before it to make sure every element is starting from it’s last know “opacity” to the 0% you want. If there is no key frame where you want it to start it will go from the last key frame it finds or the beginning if there are none.

So, you need to add 2 keyframes. One just after the 3 second mark and 1 at the end. I’m not sure in your case if this can be done with the record. Perhaps on the first keyframe of the 2 you can move to 100% and then on the second move down to 0%.

To re-iterate I would move the playhead to just after 3 seconds and then hit record and move the opacity slider to 100% and then move to wherever you want it to end and then move to 0%

Recording will create new keyframes at the playhead position. If there is no initial keyframe, it will create that at the beginning. To better control the start point, use the capo tool. Demo:


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Or the capo tool … doh! :smiley:

Also note that you can choose which properties to show via the Properties popup menu. While it sounds like recording will be the best method, you could also have unchecked the default Animated and Position items in the list leaving only Opacity as shown. Then option-clicking the keyframe would only add keyframes for those.

I will try out the Capo tool and give it a shot. Thanks as always for the nearly instantaneous support. You guys rock!