Activate hidden element from another scene

I would like to activate one or more hidden elements in scene1 from within scene2 and/or scene3 and so on.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Who are you and what have you done with @Djon

The djon we know would give much more details

What is the scene flow. ?
Why cant you do it on sceneload?

Have you tried using a global var to hold a bool value for when a scene loads?


you can use mine or jonathans solution on this … i guess :slight_smile:


Well it’s me :grinning:

Sorry I didn’t supply more information.

In scene 1 I have a hidden element that is only allowed to be seen when the 2nd scene is reached and should stay visible when one returns to scene 1.

This also goes with scene 3 and so on.

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Stupid I couldn’t find this. It’s just 3 days ago. :disappointed_relieved:
I’ll have it a go. Thanks!