Actions: Re-order & disable actions list

I’m surprised that this isn’t possible already, but find it a real frustration that the Actions applied to an object cannot be reordered. I often find that I have a sequence of events being added to a button that would either work better, or in some cases just work if, in a different order to which I’d applied them.
Most software that applies preset actions or movements has the ability to shift items up or down the list. With Hype the only option is to add new at the end… or change by manual resetting Actions that I want to just swap or shift up or down.

As a (very) basic javascript user I often like to use snippets before collating them in single action javascript calls and this helps me debug bit by bit. But it can prove very frustrating.

It would also be useful to be able to copy and paste, or save as a reusable preset a sequence of events like this too, as so often you want to replicate an action and then perhaps just change one call.

Just I was about to post this, I noticed a similar thread (short!) that was posted this time last year in which @jonathan said it was in the 1.6 list. Surely there most be more users who’d see this as a benefit (now we are at 3.5)?


If you mean the Actions Inspector and being able to move an action up or down the call sequence…

Then yes I agree that this would be extremely useful and time saving. Imagine having a load of buttons all setup with multiple actions. But you find that you need to change the call sequence. It would take for ever to go though them all and then you may have to do it again because you need to still adjust it. Wait I don’t need to imagine it, it happens all the time… :scream:



It would also be nice to turn an Action “on/off” in the queue. Unless I’m missing something the only way to currently turn off a selected Action is to “Remove” it. Being able to easily experiment is a valuable learning tool.

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No, I don’t think you are missing anything, that’s exactly the issue!

I sit down start a project (mostly currently for self learning) and as the project becomes more complex this issue becomes more and more relevant. I try to write long (for me 20-30 line) javascripts, which error regularly and debugging them and rearranging them often ends up with me abandoning an idea through the joint frustrations of sensitive scripting syntax and inflexible Action ordering and reordering.

I run into this issue often.