Actions: is it necessary to set page actions for each layout

I have a an opening page that uses an URL action to open another page, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t . I have tried establishing the page action in all 4 layouts, and have also established it in just one of the layouts, again sometimes works, sometimes does not. timing is exactly the same 35.00 seconds.

Same files that I refer to in the post a few minutes ago re: Scratch page issue. Sent bug report on that one.

Both pages can be uploaded and opened independently any time, but the page action on the first page opening the second is maybe.

I am doing these pages as stand alone, but am beginning to think the pages (6 total) will need to be embedded in Freeway or possibly Sparkle in order to get a better file structure. I did a similar site with 6 pages last year into Freeway with no issues at all, but that one was before responsive/flexible, so it may be a whole new learning curve, and the clock is running on this project. Thats probably not related to the page action issue, but these days who knows?

Do you see the same behavior in Chrome and Safari? There might be some security protection that restricts redirects to anther page.

I have decided to make the two pages into two scenes on one Hype document, cant see any reason not to when I think about it.

But I will look at Firefox and Chrome also just for info.