Actions and links are gone after copy and paste

Hello there,

I experience some very inconvenient issues while working in Hype 3 Pro.

When I copy a “symbol” that contains animations, mouse effects (actions) and links to another project, all settings, such as mouse effects and links are gone (see images below). What do I have to do, in order to keep actions as well as links when I am willing to use Symbols in multiple projects?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Select Symbol

  2. Show actions contained

  3. Copy Symbol

  4. Paste Symbol to new project

  5. All actions and links are gone

(also sent via email:)

Sorry about the inconvenience, this is categorized as a bug that I would like to have fixed in an update. When copying over an element, there are many action attributes that wouldn’t be able to apply to the other scene… yet there’s some (like go to URL) that would and those should be preserved but aren’t right now.

A workaround would be to put your symbol/element temporarily within another symbol. If you copy that symbol to the new document, it you could then copy/paste with animations out and it would preserve the actions. (Make sure to Undo in the original document). That’s the best workaround we have now, but clearly not ideal.


Wish I had seen this thread earlier. Would have saved myself a full days work.

I am spending hours having to paste in links manually that are lost when I try to paste my layouts with animations. is this bug fixed? this is going to make it hard to continue

Ok this workaround actually works! I tried it with a bunch of javascript actions I had from one document to another. I’d also like to know if this has been corrected in the new update.

It has not been addressed as of 4.0.0, but is still on the list.