Accordion with JS - Template

first of all: sorry for my english

hi everybody, i work whit hype a one year ago, i did a lot of things. and i want to share this accordion whit you.

have some features that you can use in your projects, its maked whit js, and hype :wink: (936.6 KB)

i´m ready to answer your doubts, bye


Very nice effect!

@MrCriss Thank you for sharing your project, it’s a really cool.
I’m using it for a job but I have a problem…
At the click the animation is activated but I can not understand why it vibrates. (flicker while moving).
The first button works well, without flickering.

Are you able to fix it in some way?
Thanks again (110.4 KB)

1 Like scroll towards the bottom.

Something like that would be worthwhile.

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Looks very good)

It looks like this is somehow caused by the Flexible Layout settings.

You can workaround the problem by removing all the flexible layout settings on all of Gruppo’s children elements by only having the top and left pins on. Since the top level “Gruppo” has Zoom Contents checked, you will have the same results.

Thanks a lot @jonathan you solved the problem!
It was caused precisely by the flexible layout settings.