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I have created a content module in which each of the 14 scenes represents a page.
The feedback I have received from the organisations accessibility expert is …

“Numbers 1 to 14 are reported by the screen readers as clickable in Firefox and Chrome but not in IE. Pressing Enter in Firefox will activate, but need to route the mouse and click in IE. Most screen reader users would not do that.
Having chosen a unit, due to lack of a structured heading it is necessary to arrow down to the content.
Having numbers without the topic is also not good as it’s difficult to find specific content – you need to read through all of it.”

Can you assist me with how I can address these issues please

This sounds like heading tags…

That’s how visitors using screen readers, and even search engine robots, skim your page for important content. Visitors with screen readers tab through headlines and hyperlinks.

I don’t know what your buttons look like. But if you split up the content on 14 pages, then your content isn’t easily accessible. The scene has to load and then the visitor has to go back to return to the list. Also, I don’t see how you setup your buttons. If you have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… etc… without any descriptive words… then that’s not accessible either.

Maybe create the links to the scenes manually. Just use regular HTML, with descriptive words and hyperlinks.

1 - Introduction
2 - Beginning topic
3 - More about the topic
4 - Advanced discussion about the topic

Older help document, but it seems manually created hyperlinks can be used to load scenes…

Also, you could use a persistent symbol so that the visitor doesn’t lose the navigation. You might need to use a tab index to help people get around. That might help too.

Without seeing the project, it’s hard to see what’s wrong. Although, I rarely download forum attachments here – security reasons. Other people are less squeamish though, especially the guys that make the software. So, posting an actual project might help them help you.

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Thank you

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