Access Stacked Timeline Actions

I can’t find a way to access stacked timeline actions without moving the dots one by one and moving them back together after. Anybody have a clue?


I wish I knew one… be good if it was easier but not even sure how that would work…

BTW if they are at the exact same time… you may not need two actions!?

Well… if you’ve got a LOT of actions in one place it can be helpful to keep some oversight. But it’s a good point you make. :stuck_out_tongue:

In my present case I have one action to pause the timeline and one JavaScript. Yes, I can combine both in JavaScript, but it’s just more code…

What @h_classen means is by using the plus button on the action you can add more actions:

But I agree with you initail post that it would be nice if we could select them easier. This problem occures not only when they are stacked but very close together.

For now that one solve my issue! Thank you!!

There is no way to easily get at individual keyframes if they are stacked - this is a shortcoming of the UI presently. The suggestion of chaining actions together is the best to do if that is feasible.