Accesibility features in Tumult Hype?

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a multimedia project to be hosted on an ipad. Because it’s with the government, it has to follow accessibility guidelines.

In this case, for the visually impaired, the ipad (after turning the ‘Accessibility feature on) will read
out components on the screen to the viewer.

As shown in the screen capture, the ipad will automatically and sequentially read out the heading ‘(Historic Land Use’), the quote in the brown box in the middle, and when you tap on the buttons, ‘Back to Main Menu’ and ‘Begin’ they will be read out loud by the ipad too.

My question is – can I get Tumult Hype to create such read out text for an image? In this case I want to have the ipad actually read out ‘Historic image of old car in front of rustic log mine buildings’ to describe the background picture

I went to ‘Identity’ in the Inspector, selected the image in the timeline, and I typed out what I hope to be read by the ipad in the Alternate Text field. I numbered it as ‘3’ (in Tab Index) so it’ll be the 3rd item to be read aloud.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work, and the ipad doesn’t read out the Alternate Text.

Am I just misunderstanding this, and Tumult Hype doesn’t simply allow images to read aloud by Alternate Text?

If so, is there any other way in TH to make read out text for accessibility? Or is this an ipad issue?

Much thanks!


It looks like there is a conflict between the automatic aria-flowto attribute we are using an items without a role being set on iOS. The workaround you can use is:

  1. Create a Unique Element ID for your image
  2. Add an On Scene Load action that is set to Run JavaScript…
  3. Run this code (replacing “myImageID” from step 1):
hypeDocument.getElementById("myImageID").setAttribute("role", "img");

I am looking to fix this for the next release and make other accessibility improvements, so if you hit anything else, let me know!

Thanks! Will give it try. :slight_smile: