Academic Options

(martyplumbo) #1

I’m going to be giving a design workshop at a university in South Korea this Summer and I’m thinking I’d like to use Hype as the tech weapon of choice.

Is it possible to install the trial version on lab computers?

Also, is there a Korean localized version of Hype that I could get an executable or installer for?

And finally, should they ask, is there academic pricing for Hype?


(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

You can install the trial version on as many computers as you’d like, but do note that it is limited to 14 days. Of course if this is something you’ll be doing frequently, profiting off of, and there’s no chance any students will ever buy a copy, it’d be nice to work something else out (feel free to email us).

We don’t have a Korean localized version, only English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese.

Academic pricing is available through our Education Store. There’s more info on this on our FAQ.

(martyplumbo) #3

Nope no profit for me. It’s an academic thing. :wink:

Anyway, thanks! This is great. If the 14-day trial will work on networked computers, that should be more than enough time.