About Upgrade to Hype Professional in the Mac App Store



Hi. I found a factor of Apple ID trouble. The function key for changing alphabet to Japanese KANA, It input "space key"automatically, so can’t log in Apple ID(because it’s wrong password). I’m not sure this issue is only with using Japanese Keyboard or not. But finally, I could login to my Apple ID, and upgrade is done in safety. So, please check your password field and find and delete “space”.

– hal


Unfortunately we don’t have control over that input field – it is an input field controlled by the system. How did you overcome this problem?


Hi Daniel. Thank you for your reply.
Coincidentally, the space in my passwordfield is displayed, Space can be erased one by one, then I was able to login. Even in some other software, I can confirm the same problem.

My OS is OS X 10.10.5 , using Mac Book Pro.