About TimeLineAction and CustomBehavior

I made a symbol which have a very simple animation in it. So as not to let it play automatically when displayed, I set a timeline action "pause timeline" on the first frame of symbol's timeline. And I add a custom behavior in the symbol which is like "GotoTimeInTimeline" - "Main Timeline" - 00:00:02. Then I make a button outside of the symbol to trigger this custom behavior. I expected that the animation will continue from 00:00:02 to the end by clicking this button. The animation went to "00:00:02" and stopped there. I'm wondering why the animation doesn't go to the end.
I added timeline action on that "00:00:02" which is Continue Timeline in vain.

I want to attach my hype file, but couldn't select the file of which extension is hype in the uploading dialog.

Two things.

Outside of the symbol on the Scenes Main Timeline.
There will be a Timeline action automatically place on the symbol to start its main timeline.
Removing it will stop the symbol auto starting.

The GotoTimeInTimeline will need the action ContinueTimelineNamed after it to continue.
But in your case you may not need any of that if you can do what I mention about the start maintimeline action

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You'll want to upload it as a zip file; you can do this by control-clicking on the .hype document in the Finder and choose Compress “filename.hype” before attaching/dragging it in.

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Thank you.
I found "start maintimeline action" in action property. At first I was trying to find it at timeline action of the symbol. I removed it.


Thnak you.
Now I understand I have to compress it before uploading.

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