About the same element's initial location in different timelines(especially the main timeline)

Hi there,
Recently, I find a problem about the same element’s location in different timelines. For example, in the main timeline, I want the element on the top, but in the other timeline(just call it “A”), I want the element to do a move from the left to the right. When I set the motion path which is from the left to the right in the timeline"A", in the main timeline, the element’s initial location is on the right, too(not on the top).
I want to know if there is a solution that can make the same element’s initial location different in different timeline?
Thank you all~~

Hi, I hope I understand you correctly,

Record your motion path on the main timeline for the element using the red record button

When done, put the timeline back to the start position.

Create your timeline two.

With the element in the original start position that it would be in the main timeline and the timeline at 0 seconds start position. Click the red record button to start the Motion path recording.

Now drag the element to where you want it to start from in this second timeline.
This will place a Motion path keyframe right at the start which will hold the new start position.

Now move the play head to 1 second ( for example) and drag the element to it’s next position.
This will place another Motion path keyframe at the 1 second mark and join the two sets of Motion path keyframes together.

Stop the recoding.

In my example I use a button to start timeline two in preview

Thats it, if I understand you correctly.

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GET it!! That’s what I want to achieve!~ I’m very sorry for my bad expression…
Thank you very much!~

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