About the Image slide swapper

(Lydia Lee) #1

Hi, there,nowadays I’m doing a project like this effect:[enter link description here][1]

[1]: http://www.eleven.cc/shop/pro-merino-cycling-jersey/. I have trouble with the image slide swapper…
Would anyone have some advice about this?I’m new around here, Thanks everyone very much!

(Shong) #2

Hi Lydia, this effect can be done with the same technique from the link below

and in Tumult Hype blog, there is a tutorial, the idea is very helpful :smiley:

(Jonathan Luna) #3

Hey guys PLEASE I need HELP I have been trying to put together a quick simple project that is due TONIGHT!!!. I am using this template which includes 4 videos and a still image video should be full screen and play on load. Im getting some kind of wired looping going on. can anyone please help asap!!! i had to remove two video clips ignorer to meet form upload requirements @Daniel @jonathan @DBear @gasspence @MarkHunte

PAXALEX TEST 2.hype.zip (2.4 MB)


Sorry I’m on a different timezone so didn’t get this until now.

Did you get it sorted?

The reason for the looping effect of the video is because of the “autoplay” setting i believe. Perhaps a mixing of the video syncing solution and the code you are already using would be a more appropriate solution.

So, waiting for the video to load. Once it’s loaded play once and trigger start of timeline. Once the whole timeline is played (or when it reaches a certain point) reset loop counter so video will play once more when you have returned to the beginning.

Sorry can’t be of more help.


(Jonathan Luna) #5

i thought i did… it worked great locally but when i viewed it from the server the background videos aren’t playing… I’m assuming its a load time issue…