About relative Timelines


Hi all, I seem to have a problem getting relative timelines to work.
I’m trying to recreate something like the example you have in the Hype 3 Timelines video Tutorial, but although I have declared all the timelines as relative, they do not seem to work.
I’m trying to achieve the same effect as the second example in your tutorial.

I have uploaded my sample file here if you 'd like to take a look:
relativeTimelines.hype.zip (15.5 KB)

Thanks a lot!

(stephen) #2

Relative timelines animate from whatever the current value is to whatever the final keyframe is. So if you want to reset rectangles to their original position you need to add keyframes for their final values.

You need to animate every property that changes on every rectangle on every timeline into its final size and position. Currently you are just animating one rectangle to its final position. I filled in timeline ‘1’ in your document:

relativeTimelines.hype.zip (18.1 KB)

Also here is the example from the video:

WooGrit.hype.zip (1.0 MB)


Thank you Stephen for your response and your examples!

I hadn’t realized that you need to animate every single object in every timeline for this to work!
So, can we just hit record to automatically insert keyframes for all other elements or should we manually add them? because if we’re not changing position or opacity of all other objects, hype doesn’t seem to insert keyframes for them, it looks like I have to manually insert them myself!

Thanks a lot Stephen!

(stephen) #4

You can either manually add keyframes using the add keyframe button:

or what I like to do is enter record mode and then change the value of the property and then change it right back to the original value.


Your action of choice seems a bit better than manually adding all the keyframes needed. I might do this as well!

Once again, thank you Stephen!