Ability to create plugins

(Lucky) #1

Hey sorry for the second topic, last one I promise.

Since using hype with a big flash and animation background I’ve found a ton of things I can use don’t exist in the software yet, but I know you guys don’t have the manpower of adobe so… let me and users do it! I want to ask if there’s any ability to add on top of your software like adding


Premade template files with code in them

Premade tool panels and presets

Delete all library items at will

Custom Javascript functions which can be built in and triggered like normal behaviours
e.g. I’m developing a JS camera which i used to have in flash and I think is a pretty common tool in animation.
I want to have it built in instead of copy pasting code and keyframes each time.

etc (there are a lot more that i go urg i wish i had this thing as I’m working on hype files)

So I wanted to see if there’s a way to add some of these things i’m working on into the interface, and then I can send it over to you guys for consideration in case you like one of the features to add it into a build or something. It may be asking too much, but I’m only asking because I’ve tried all of the other tools on the market and this is the closest to what flash was and what I think the future of flash will be.