A 'sound resume' button possible?

Hi everyone,

On this ipad project that I’m working on, it was recently suggested that we allow the client to mute the spoken narration (in text on the left of the screen capture), if he/she chooses.

When the mute button is tapped on, sound is stopped as it should.

When ‘sound on’ is then tapped on, the sound starts. However, it goes back to the beginning of the narration. Is there a way to resume the sound from where the client stopped it, rather than go back to the very start?

If possible, would this be via a javascript?

Note: the ‘sound on’ button is triggered by: Actions: On Mouse Click: Play Sound: file name.

The ‘mute’ button is triggered by: Actions: On Mouse Click: Stop Sound: file name as above.

Thanks gang!

You can’t use Hype’s built-in audio functionality for this unfortunately (though all are good feature requests). Instead you’d need to make your own HTML <audio> tag and control via JavaScript. @Daniel wrote up instructions in this article:

Thanks! Good to know.