A Snow Battle, Greeting Card

Here is my experiment of Hype for my greeting card : http://greetings.vdcrea.com/
Other jQuery stuff are integrated inside the animation and anyone can write and share his own text. Try it on a mobile, tablet or desktop thx to hype pro. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Tumult team and Hype users.


Really Nice. I made a Christmas Card that I can send to all my friends and have it be personalised by using a anchor in the URL.

Works really and I like my animation. But I love yours ?

Whats the snow effect, looks like it does not use too much cpu ??

Snow seems ok on my old nokia/windows phone so it should pass most of devices out there. Here is the source code I used for this effect: http://vincentgarreau.com/particles.js/

Wow that is awesome, will check it out.

This project required an integration with the server, to save personalized cards.

Here is a source file of a standalone version, without any server dependency. So the form to create his own card is removed, but art and other functionalities remains the same: (Download)

Cheers, I will have a look Although I did make a Christmas Card myself using the url to make it personalised to people

I posted oa personalised to you All ( Tumult forum) here. http://markosx.com/card/ChristmasCard.html#tumult