A small dragndrop game, two layouts

a small dragNdrop-game.

embedded in awordpresstheme here

Hi Hans, I tried… very hard.
Two problems with that on a mobile screen:

  • pictures to small to recognize any person
  • it’s not possible to override a wrong selection with a right picture so that you get automatically another wrong

Technically excellent but the game idea is not thoughtful.


Hi Olof,

yes, this can be … but be aware that the name of the person is also displayed on top.

true, it’s not a full game … more of a gimmick and test …

best first advent :slight_smile:

Yeah, you are right. I tried the desktop version as well and there was the name at the top. On a iPhone 6 is this line not reachable until you dragging a picture. Maybe better to place the text next to the images.

Beste Grüße