A simple question for a simple project: it's better to make a simple site with HYPE?

(Giovanni) #1

I’m asking to the experts.
And with the SEO, how could this work?

(Rick) #2

You can make websites with Hype, yes.

But Hype is not created with that in mind (someone correct me if I’m wrong). It’s to create beautiful HTML5 web content. Interactive web content and animations made with Tumult Hype.

If you have a simple website with no animations then my advice would be not to use Hype but a program/app that specifically is made to create websites, or hand code it.

If you have a simple website with some animations/interaction I still would build the website around those animations (just copy/paste the simple code Hype gives you into the rest of your website). So you use Hype for animation/interaction and code the rest by hand or use an app designed for creating websites.

Hype’s SEO is also currently (v3) not great. No idea if it improves once v4 comes out.

I’m not an expert but have been working on websites since 1996…

(Giovanni) #3

Thank you for your response. I am aware that it is better to create websites with suitable programs, especially if they are static and not dynamic. But I am not able to find “my” favorite program to build websites. I’m used to designing my sites as if they were paper magazines and I don’t like Wordpress or Joomla templates. So maybe I ask too much from these programs and I thought that Hype could help me to do better. I could use it to make animated sites too, after all I make sites that talk about cinema, special effects, television series so a certain level of spectacularity is present. Maybe the management of the pages with Hype is too articulated but I think that the major problems is with SEO. How do search engines find informations in a Hype’s presentation? This seems be a problem not to be underestimated unfortunately…

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

Hype has an export option “Include text contents for search engines” which is on by default. It will dump all strings of text into a hidden div on the .html page which can get picked by a static text web crawler/search engine. This can be less than ideal compared to other tools because it is hidden, which may affect the scoring, and more importantly it is stripped of any contextual tag information like which might have been <h1> or <article> tags (not that Hype has these built-in anyhow). Some search engines will execute JavaScript that Hype uses to fully build the page and could theoretically crawl the live document. Unfortunately this is computationally expensive for search engines to do so they often won’t for reasons which are a black box.

(there are no upcoming v4.0.0 changes to Hype’s SEO features)

You can at the very least still include <meta> tags in the Head HTML with Hype fairly easily, which can be used by search engines. Likewise the title is editable in the document inspector. And of course having other folks link to you can help a lot too!

Overall my recommendation generally echoes that of @Rick4F; but if you are building a site that has a high degree of interactivity and low degree of text or SEO needs, it might work well.

(Giovanni) #5

Thank you very muck for the clarifications.
I have see that is possible insert info text in every images. This should be useful to be captured by search engines and help them categorize the site further. I understand that a website built in the classic way has more chances to be found, for the reasons you have already explained upon. In any case I want to try to make my site on special effects (www.glieffettispeciali.it) totally in Hype because I feel that it gives me more freedom in design and better performance on browsers. I could also think of making some parts interactive and this would help me to justify (in my mind) the use of Hype :smile: ile:
Thanks again to everyone for their advice, but if you think that I can use some additional technique to give more possibilities to search engines to find the site, I would be grateful!
Thank you!


Note Johathan’s reference to scoring. Good SEO means that important text should be visible or it will receive a lower rank in the search results.

The only sites I have created with Hype itself have been either designed for those to who provide the URL to their target audience (such as portfolio sites for those seeking employment) or modest sites for mom-and-pop companies with at least 80% of the key words appearing in visible text.