A problem occurred with this webpage so it was reloaded

Created a hype document that sets to fullscreen size… and when you view it on a iPhone and if you zoom… safari pops up and says “a problem occurred with this webpage so it was reloaded”…

Why is this happening?

Can you share your document or a URL? (Feel free to private message me if you’d prefer not to share).


Anyone? … ??? This seems to be a major problem

Can you share your Hype document too?

I have a feeling it’s related to your images and the size of the output (it’s coming in at over 6MB).
Don’t quote me on this though I’m just speculating. I need more info. While testing there was an error thrown which said “Can’t find variable 'startTimeline…” but can’t seem to reproduce it.

If you can share your document. It would be easier to see what’s been done.

I would also suggest making a version specifically for mobile devices too. So that one can see the buttons and image without have to zoom in. (You can create a separate layout in Hype)

Sorry I can’t be of more help at this time.