A history of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Nice to see a new section for people working in Education!

Here is a recent project that was built with Tumult Hype and Blender3D.


This is part of a suite of digital media products being produced at the University of New England in Australia. Blender and Hype are my two most-loved softwares, so this project has been great to work on.

Would appreciate any and all feedback, good or bad - always aiming to achieve the best I can with this stuff. Thanks for checking it out!


fantastic project! :smiley:


Hi everyone!

Thanks for checking out this project. I was chuffed to see it in the newsletter :smile:

We've now created the second interactive, which explores the ceiling of the Globe (known as "the Heavens"). I thought it might be of interest!


I would appreciate any feedback and I am particularly keen to know if anyone experiences slow loading or playback / frame rate problems. Thanks!


Unchecking preload for your images (that display after that initial screen) and the music.mp3 audio file would go a long way towards speeding up the initial load. Fast framerates for me on an M1 Mac! Awesome work :slight_smile:

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