A few suggestions to make Hype better

I like Hype very much. He brought HTML5 with me, which brought me a lot of surprises. I like animation very much and replaced Flash. You guys are really great! But recently I don't want to say, he is a little behind. (I use Sketch and Principle and Affinity Design on a daily basis) Hype has several problems, I hope to solve them, the first is the auxiliary reference line, it is not smart enough, there is no feedback of magnetic adsorption, can not be automatically imported and manually 100% rebuild Sketch page. Because I want to make page micro-interactions and micro-motion effects. We also need to strengthen the measurement and annotation, hoping to be like Sketch. Finally, I also hope that Hype can not use the default 1 pixel outer border shape, as well as vector editing tools, which are really not easy to use. I hope to be free and rich in vector drawing like Sketch and Affinity. In this way, Hype can create and reproduce Sketch pages. This completes the entire workflow. As you know, Principle is not that easy to use. Figma relies on the Internet. I think I really have no choice. come on! hype! I am looking forward to it!

Thanks for the feedback! I have a few questions/clarification needed on a few points:

I'm a little unclear what you mean by "auxiliary reference line" -- if you are referring to the guides that can be dragged out from the ruler or added via View > Guides > Add Vertical/Horizontal Guide then your items should always snap to it by default if Arrange > Snap Elements and Points is turned on. Do you mean something else?

While there's not currently a global way to change your default setting, Hype will use your last setting as the border size for any new shapes.