A drop in the basket

Making an item appear to drop inside of another item.

In this example, I split the basket into two pieces and used the “Arrange” menu to send the “top piece” (basket 2.png) to the back and the “bottom piece” (basket 3.png) to the front, then I sent the apple backwards just once. This makes it appear that the apple goes inside of the basket.

Credit Nick Gressle for the Art Work…

appledrop.hype.zip (167.9 KB)


Now drop letters
catch all the letters to spell APPLE
If you miss a letter start the scene over again :smile:

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What Daniel said :wink:

In Flash I once made a game with apples falling from trees. The player was supposed to catch as many as possible in a basket. Is a game like that possible with hype? Physics and collision detection should do the trick wouldn’t it? The basket should be draggable and the apples should fall random from the trees. Could be a fun project in Hype.

It’s possible, we would have to figure out a way to keep the apples in the basket when you drag it. Maybe we could hide the apples when they enter the basket with a small javascript.

Would be an interesting challenge!

If the Basket is right at the bottom of the scene you could just let them fall through the bottom of the basket and off scene, so long as the is no gap. Which could be covered with grass in front of the basket…

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I like it, no javascript needed.

Already started playing but not getting far with behaviour of apple mishaps…

appledrop.hype 2.zip (294.8 KB)


sthg simular. it’s just vice versa: shooting instead of caching


That’s cool @h_classen! Thanks for sharing the file. Interested to find out how you coded this.

@MarkHunte That’s already a nice startingpoint for a catching game! I’m trying to figure out how to implement a random apple emiitter.

@Olav I tried cloning an Apple which I could then generate at random times and places, which is really easy enough to do.
But alas the Physics properties do not clone over. I think due to they are designated within javascript code in the generated hype js.

@Daniel do you guys know of a way to assign/clone Physics properties to a cloned element node this way?

I just found PhysicsJS which shows it can be done but maybe using some thing like PhysicsJS

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PhysicsJS looks interesting indeed. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

Yer not sure we could get it to work though…

Gif of the month! (and an awesome demo, of course)

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That’s nice sir, great work!

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