A different Navigation Menu

(Greg) #1

Just a concept test, but it is different.

I borrowed some of @h_classen’s magic for the slider at the bottom. When you drag the green box, it will move another Box over the top four boxes. It will snap to 4 corresponding hot spots on the slider. When you let up on the mouse (drop) it will change to that scene.

drag_menu 3.hype.zip (146.3 KB)

Another version 1/14/15…
drag_menu 3.hype.zip (139.7 KB)

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Awesome, I have a feeling this technique will be useful on a lot of documents.

(Greg) #3

I added the option of using the Tab key to go to each scene, and some other improvements.
(tested in Safari only)

drag_menu_6.hype.zip (146.3 KB)

(Nick ) #4

Greg this is a great add on to anyone’s library! Thanks!

(Greg) #5

Thanks Nick, I just got an iPad Air so I added some touch functionality to it (click or tap) and tweaked it a bit more.

BTW “Hype Reflect” works greatly - thanks team Tumult -

drag_menu_7.hype.zip (147.2 KB)