A Book About Hype 4 (ePub) — Discussion Thread 📘

The splash page for A Book About Hype was being updated, when I realized something was missing…


…there wasn't a thread for discussion on this forum. So, that's the reason for the creation of this new topic. The book is now available at Lulu as an ePub. Here's the link…

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Is everyone OK with the new setup? :thinking:

I got a message that someone was having trouble downloading the book, and said that Lulu wasn't able to help. So, I sent a reply message. Although, I'm not sure if that message went through, as there's been no reply to my reply. Perhaps there's a really aggressive spam blocker causing problems. :man_shrugging:t2:

Anyway, there's a page in Lulu that shows previous orders… https://www.lulu.com/account/orders …so maybe that page has more information.