📘 A Book About Hype (2020 Print Edition)

Ah, that’s pretty close to the target. With about 100 pages of indexing left to go, I’m estimating that the Index will be about 20 pages. I didn’t even stretch it out either. I decreased the font size, lowered the leading, as compared to the regular body copy. I wasn’t too redundant, but tried to make it easy for searching.

Apparently, I like to use the word “quick” a lot, but that’s not in the index. The overwhelming majority of the list is just technical terms.

It’s kinda mind-boggling, how it takes pages and pages to list what there is to cover about a topic. :exploding_head:

Anyway, it shouldn’t be much longer now. The last chapter is about building a webpage in Hype.

I wasn’t too keen on the idea when starting this book. I didn’t think Hype would be very good for building a website. Yet, I tried it. I knew other people were doing it, so I wanted to help them at least minimize the damage.

That’s a web.dev report. Heh, not bad. Hype was way better than I thought it would be.

If you want to receive a notification when the book is available, heart the second post in this thread.


Creating the Index was fairly easy. Double-checking the Index — that sucked! :smile:

I’m waiting for the files to process, so I can order a proof copy.


Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 9.38.52 PM

If the book looks good, then I can open it up for sale.

Note — Since the plan is to only offer the book through Lulu, there is no ISBN.

Another Update…

Now that the project is done, and there’s not much to do but wait, I’m feeling kinda nervous. Heh, but then I saw this…

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 7.17.45 AM

…they’re making the book! There really is something special about a physical book. I don’t remember this sense of excitement and anticipation over a digital book. Although, I’ve made printed books before too… somehow… this feels different. The project was massive.

Yet Another Update…

Looks like Lulu is pulling a Darth Vader.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 6.53.19 PM

I’m altering the date. Pray I don’t alter it any further.

Angry Update…

(╯° °)╯︵ ┻━┻

I don’t have to put up with this. If I wanted to be treated like this, I could make iOS apps :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations on getting to the point where you can see the book finish line. Consider me virtually standing in line to purchase the book, when available. PM :smiley:

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The line is moving faster away than I can get to it. HA HA. Wait 24 hours and the date moves away 48 hours. Obviously the book is too big. They had to go kill some more trees.

You’re on the list to be notified. For anyone else just wandering in, and you want to be notified, heart the second post… 📘 A Book About Hype (2020 Print Edition) [SOON!]


If this keeps up, I might have to print the books myself…

…nah, I think I’ll just wait. HA HA. :smile:

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I was getting dangerously close to becoming a bookmaker.

First I saw this…

…and this…

…and later this…


Between the last two, I started looking at this…

…hmm… I could actually make my own books. It was very tempting. Yet, I remembered that Lulu did a good job. Patience is needed during the pandemic, so I focused my attention back on the Widgets app…

I’ve been working on building a dictionary database for Widgets/Apparatuses.

So I go to sleep… I wake up… check my email… I see one email… Thunderbird needs a restart though… so I restart it… go to the inbox… ah… it’s an email from Lulu — Your Order Has Shipped.

That’s two days from now! It’s also the same day SpaceX is “Returning Human Space Flight to the United States”.

That really matches with the illustration on the homepage of Lulu.com.

Hopefully the SpaceX mission is successful…
…and hopefully I don’t need to print another proof copy. :rocket:


It’s here!

…banana for scale. :smile:


Lulu is having a sale right now. With the code “15OFF” you can save 15% off print products — which this is a print product. See the website for details. (The sale ends May 28 at 11:59 PM eastern time.)

Wow, the book feels good. It’s kinda heavy, but not too heavy. (Shipping notes said four pounds. That’s 1.8 kilograms.) The pages are thick. It’s 60# (90 GSM) white paper. It’s not absolute printing perfection, but it’s OK. There are minor flaws, but it feels like a real textbook. The text is big, so it’s easier on your eyes.

The book was written to help you to make the Internet a more wonderful place. I worked really hard on it, so hopefully you enjoy it. THANKS! :blush:


Honking Horn right Congrats Michael! Honking Horn left


Has the coupon code worked for anyone outside the United States?

Yes it worked for me, but it’s 15OFFand I think it is listed in the post as 1 fifty FF instead of fifteen off.

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That’s how they have it on the website :confused:

Congrats, most certainly.

Michael, do you have sample pages available to view in assessing purchase?

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You guys, you’re breaking the notification system. HA HA. I didn’t get to tell you the book is out before you figured it out on your own. I still have dozens of tabs open in Safari, with messages ready to go out, but the system says I have to wait another 22 hours before sending more messages.

I just added a preview PDF. There’s a link on the official page… https://photics.com/books/a-book-about-hype/ …it has the Intro, the Table of Contents, the first three chapters, the Index… and eh… why not… the Conclusion.

Note — This book is not intended to be an eBook. It’s meant to be a printed book.


It is: 15OFF. Not a zero but a capital O. I was wrong the first time.:nerd_face:
BTW for anyone in Europe: (Netherlands)

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The discount code worked for me too! Looking forward to the read. Let’s see how long lulu needs to drop the digital file into paperback and send it out. Greetings from Germany :de:


Worked - so far… :grinning:


Ordered! Can’t wait the required 10 days for shipping! :+1:

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Ordered mine, too. Congrats; the sample looks great.

Hope you get a cut of the sale, too!

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Here’s a bit of an update. Let’s start with an FAQ…

Where’s the PDF?!

There isn’t one. The idea is to create something special, something unique. The goal is to have big blue books across the globe — to get people talking about Hype. That didn’t seem to happen with the digital version. So, right now, only a printed book is available.

Are there digital files for this book?

Yeah, they’re online… https://photics.com/tag/template/ …hopefully I get the last one online before the books reach their destinations. With 2-3 week delivery times, I should be OK. Sadly, when I started this project, I had no idea that there’d be a global pandemic. Also, I didn’t know that Lulu would be updating their website.

Are you rich and famous now?

Heh, no. The launch is nice, but it’s very far from early retirement. Thanks to those that bought a copy of the book. I hope you like it. I really pushed myself to the limit to make it. This is more of a labor of love I suppose. I’d probably would have made more money delivering pizzas, but Tumult really did the work with the Hype 4 upgrade. For a while I wasn’t sure if I’d update the book. But wow, once the stuttering Physics issue was fixed, I was impressed. The Physics API is amazing, but it’s tough to use. Hopefully the book helps people tackle that problem.

Are there any reviews for the book

Not yet. It’s the first of its kind, so it’s simultaneously the best and the worst printed Hype 4 book. Lulu seems to have done away with the review system and the book is too expensive to blindly send review copies.

So, I sent out all the notifications — except to @tg2k and @furmieCamelCase — because they have private profiles. I was limited to 10 per day, so it took a while. I suppose I should let you in on a little secret. HA HA. The book is actually a front for the “Great Reply” badge…


…alas, I didn’t make it. :crazy_face:


Congratulations! It’s a nice looking ‘blue brick’ and from the sample chapters I think it’s a valuable guide for getting up to speed with Hype Pro.

But I’m sorry, I will not let Lulu produce and send off a big, printed version of the book. The day that it comes available as an e-book (or pdf) I will definitely support your hard work… and talk about it.


I myself am excited to support the author’s plan as he intended. (o: