A BIG thank you to all the people on this forum

I have downloaded and looked at copious amounts of code, and because of this I was able to get something (that i think) is very cool done this week. In addition, because people helpfully responded to several questions I posted, I was able to learn and grow. A big thank you to Darren from Darrens Corner, MaxZieb, Jonathan Deutsch, and JimScott. Probably so many more of you - if you upload things to the forum, I appreciate you because it through those processes that so much learning takes place.

I could have used a free wordpress plugin that does something like this app, but it wasn’t going to be as nice to look at, and it wasn’t going to have all the features that I really wanted to add. I wanted something fun, custom, changeable, and I wanted to build it myself - not rely on a plugin someone else built - so I know how each part of the code works, so i can create extra features later. This is a little calculator that shows potential customers how using a custom software (like the ones we build in FileMaker) can save time and money. Future versions may include responsive devices, this will look OK on an iPad and thats the smallest screen I designed for.

http://aeondg.com/tools/ - the wordpress link
tools.aeondg.com - the direct link

any advice for improvement is much appreciated. again - if it wasn’t for the way users of HYPE support one another this would have taken a lot longer.