8 feature requests for 8 HTML5 banners

After producing 8 HTML5 banners in different formats to a client (on deadline), there are some things I would like to request for a faster workflow in the future! :slight_smile:

1) Copy + Pasted Bitmaps comes in at Left 0px Right 0px. Today it takes them to 10px left and right. I used this feature a lot pasting in a reference layer at the bottom, adjusting new images so they match the original PSD file.

2) Copy + Pasted Bitmaps comes in above the layer you have selected. Today they get pasted on top of everything.

3) Arrange > Size is great. Would be even greater with an option/checkbox to “Align to stage”.

4) Have an option not to create the full.min.js and PIE.htc scripts for decreased filesize. At this project we had to keep total file sizes below 150 KB.

5) Interface: Would have liked dragging Inspector panels around, rather than jumping back and forth between tabs all the time. Lots of dead space below on all tabs, on my 2560x1440 screen.

6) Layer visibility & lock. Being able to drag over multiple “eyes” or “locks” to faster focus on a single layer.

7) “Select All” hotkey is good. Can you add a Deselect All as well? On Cmd + Shift + A. Escape key does not seem to work for that either.

8) Don’t export hidden files when Publish. Increases file size.


Excellent feedback, many of your wishes will be coming true soon ;)!

For this, you may want to use Duplicate instead.

Oh, what I mean is. I copy merged layers of PSD files and paste those as bitmaps from the clipboard into Hype, as a reference. Save the trouble of saving out an image, importing, adjusting and deleting. So I cannot duplicate. Used to do this with Flash before too. I have colleagues that make the PSD and then I finish the motion, interactivity and the rest. :blush:

A step even faster would be to actually import the whole PSD file with layers.

Gotchya; we’d definitely like to do PSD importing for this purpose. Perhaps we should also have “paste and match style” work for images and not do the offset or something like that.

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