4.0.1 update - Text container disappears after edits

in 4.0.1 update –
text container disappears after edits - e.g. after adding paragraph breaks.
Have a look at my video screenshot.
Can you reproduce?
The text container reappears, when nudging on its edges or by double-clicking on ‘empty’ text container.
It is not crucial, but annoying.
Same behavior on OS 10.11.6 and OS 10.12.6.

I have seen text and button content, the inner part of the outline you can see, move/dissapear outward. Sometimes outside the canvas but like in your case return to its position when you change boundaries or click another screen element. Not just on Hype 4.x.

Always blamed my old rig.

That’s odd – can you share a bug report with us (and the document?) Select Help > Report an issue and make sure you include your Hype doc in the bug attachment windows. We’ll see if we can track this issue down…


Submitted! (via Help > Report an issue + hype file included)

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Yes, @Rick4F I have also witnessed same odd jumps of (mainly text) contents out of their container boundaries while editing them, especially when grouped or inside symbols. Cannot reproduce this at the moment, though.

Just had this happen to me also.

Can not recreate as the attempt to recreate no longer produced the result.

steps were that I had create a multi-line text element.
then created a different text element which warranted moving the initial element.
next moving the initial text element caused it to change it’s contents.
save and close, then reopen resulted in seeing the changed text look even more different as it reverted to the initial state where NO updates were present.

Note: this was with version 654. Tested in the latest Beta (652) could also not recreate the problem.

Question: Why is the latest Beta older than the current non-beta release?

Thanks for these reports.

There’s a long-standing issue in Hype where if you change the position of an element while it is being edited, the inner contents will shift away from the element. Ending editing will resolve the problem.

However, @Ed_Sager’s report looks a little different, as editing has been finished.

If anyone else sees this, where the element disappears entirely after editing is complete, please let me know along with what version of macOS you’re running a zip of the .hype document. Thanks!

I was able to reproduce the original issue listed here. It only affects macOS 10.10 - 10.12. It has been fixed for Hype v4.0.2 (currently in beta).