3d cube + source file

(Lucky) #1

Hey guys here’s another experiment for you guys if you ever wanted to do a 3d cube gallery.
3dcube.hype.zip (141.6 KB)

It uses CSS transformations and GSAP for the animation, i only used gsap so i can have a nice tween when you release it, but you can just substitute it with transform 3d.

Hope this helps someone if client ever requests basic 3d without webgl with android support.

Note: Optimized for Safari and mobile safari, slight differences occur in crome.

3D Cube adapt to Hype?
(Freelancer) #2

@Luckyde I missed this post, sorry.
great work!
I checked the project, is a bit complex and I’ll play with it :slight_smile:

(genaro martinez) #3

Hello i saw your file on hype but i have a problem and i would like to fix it.

When i try to export your file on WGDT in order to import it on Ibooks the animation does not work.

(Lucky) #4

I have no idea what WGDT is or how to work with iBooks so I don’t know how to fix your issue sorry.