360 degrees Video player

Hi there,
Does anyone have experience with working 360 degree video (like here: http://www.kolor.com/autopano-video/autopano-video-gallery/ )

What Im looking for is a way to play these video’s within hype or an open source player or .js that I can integrate in Hype and work with in the same way with and control it as regular HTML5 Video.

I have made a little test by embedding the video’s from the website I mentioned above ( http://baskools.com/360video ).
Looking forward to your ideas and suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

HI @bas I made an app with some panos inside.

red this topic and consider also VRpano instead. Save money and time.

Hi Multimago,

Thank you for the advice, I will definitely be looking into this and how it will work with HTML5 and video.
Your project looks great!