360 degrees object panorama


I’m testing some functionality for an upcoming project. I want to use some 360 object panoramas. So I imported 12 images of a small statue and used a very simple On Drag action on the timeline. But now I need some inertia: on the first frame I want to be able to go to the last frame and on the last frame I want to go back to the first frame so the dragging is real 360 degrees forward and reverse.
Probably I need some Javascript, but maybe it’s possible with an simpler solution. I attached my file. Just very basic, and no cleaned up image sequence.

Thanks so much for your help!

panotest.hype.zip (135.1 KB)

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Well I had something sort of working,

But Hype chose to crash on me as I was saving it. :rage:

So I cannot be A.'d to do it all again… sorry.

A couple of things.

Instead of using opacity.

Now lets say I have 11 rotations.

I went to the 12s keyframe and changed the image background to the first image.

I then worked forward 1 second and changed the image background.

1 second after the last image change. I placed a timeline action to go to 12s keyframe.

I then went back to the 12s keyframe and worked in reverse (counting down) and changed the image background every second until the last image.

then place a timeline action to go to 12s keyframe at that end.

In the main scene. I set up the drag (reverse) and a unload to go to 12s keyframe on the time line.

The reason for the change background instead of the opacity, is you get no blurring of image transition.

Note; I do not think that the way I was doing the rotation ( i.e a mirror ) is going to work really fantastic, because it seemed slower loading. But maybe if the images are small enough this may be mitigated ?. ( which was what I was going to try next before the crash)

Anyway an idea.

Thanks @MarkHunte ! Sounds like An interesting idea. And indeed if the blurring can be avoided it would be great. Let’s see if I can reproduce your steps without the dreadfull crash. Anyway, thank you very much for testing this and sharing your ideas!


@Olav hava a look at this thread.

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Thanks @MarkHunte !
Appreciate the headsup!
I’ll check it out


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