24hr Countdown based on EST Zone

Looking for someone to help me out with a custom script in a hype doc that would use the eastern time zone and once the countdown finishes it would restart automatically in this type of format.


There were similar posts on countdowns but nothing with regard to specific time zones, would be happy to pay someone via PayPal.

You can se any script on the forum. Just init the time with this…

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Thank you Max, I think I'm doing something wrong, would you mind taking a look at the hype doc and seeing what could be changed to make it work?

What I need is having NYC EST countdown and have it restart. I can/will pay you for the time it takes you to get this up and running.

Countdown2.hype.zip (18.6 KB)

Here is another approach:
This version calculates the time left until the next day, using the worldclockapi.com API to get the current time. It then calculates the time left until the next day and displays it on the page.

Countdown.hype.zip (15,4 KB)

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This is amazing though the timing is off by an additional 30mins it seems. In New York its about 6:15pm at the time of posting however the time that show elapsed is 6:44 until midnight meaning 12:00am.

upon refreshing the minutes counter is not properly showing the minutes. I saw you had the font in Helvetica I changed it to Open Sans but Helvetica does the same

to be specific the time is Current local time in New York, United States

proper time count down below

Using moment does the trick and shouldn't have "drift"
CountdownMoment.hype.zip (15,1 KB)


Perfect and will this restart automatically?

It should. It basically always counts down to the next midnight.

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The worldclock API approach is interesting. Would need to fix the math for a remote clock at some point. The post marked as solution is based on the user clock and more commonly used.

Thank you @MaxZieb for all that you do on the tumult forums and beyond including helping folks like myself get through the day. Max was compensated for the outstanding work he did on the countdown timer project based on the EST zone. Enjoy :+1:


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