2017 Tumult Hype Conference

(drewbullen) #1

Did anyone here attend the 2017 Tumult Hype Conference this weekend?

If so, can you post a summary?

In particular, what were the announcements around Hype 4.0

(MMuser) #2

Found this:


We’ll be sharing videos of the speakers soon (And more info on Hype 4.0).

I’ll be putting together a recap when I’m back home :slight_smile:


It looks like meat is back on the menu, boys. :smirk:

(Alex) #5

is there any new feature in Hype 4?:slight_smile:


(Rick) #6



Weird: That URL goes here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc3qKEyMQsS3Ei558o8nOuoVNsSzzq3yr7XTBTyINLqbxgtCw/viewform

(MMuser) #9

Hi Daniel, when will you post more info about Hype 4? Thanks!


You’re not pestering hard enough. You need to use the @ symbol. :smile:

Here’s another bit of leaked info…


(MMuser) #11

I was expecting some cool news the day after the conference. It’s been a week though.


isn’t it obvious?

Last I checked, Daniel lives in NYC. (Brooklyn counts!) It takes 12 days to walk from Vanderbilt University to NYC.

Check back in November. :smile:


Thanks for your patience, here’s Jonathan’s Keynote from the Hype conference:

There’s much more to come so so watch this space :slight_smile:

Using SVGs as region triggers?