100k File Size Limit Please Help!

I am trying to get my banner under the 100k file limit so that I can avoid hosting files on a CDN. My images currently come in at 60k total but I have a 225k min.js file.
@jonathan I can’t really post the files here as it is a live job but is there any way that I could send them to you to see if there is any way to decrease the javascript file size?
many thanks in advance

I sent you an email – thanks!

Here are a few tips to reducing the size of your document for ad networks.

I don’t know about the Hype side of things as well, but have you crunched your images enough? A lot of people don’t know about this so I’ll mention it but you can reduce PNGs DRAMATICALLY in file size by using something like imageAlpha or imageOptim.

hi @mcstampfunk
thanks for your reply. i hadn’t heard of that, it will come in very handy :smile:
i think I’ve been quite ruthless with my images, and have opted for low quality jpegs and gifs. with only a couple of svgs for logos. And i’ve used sprite sheets to try and save a little more space.
but now i know about imageAlpha i will definitely use that in the future.
thanks again

hi @Daniel
Thanks so much. I have sent the files over to you, and look forward to hearing back from you
Kind Regards,