100+ scenes in doc, splitting and linking possible?

Hello —
I am fast approaching 100+ scenes in my current document set-up and adding additional slides is causing a lag when adding and loading. Is there any way I can split the document (in the link attached), so I can have it like so...?

  • Main Menu Grid/List
  • TBT Signees
  • Slides A-F
  • Slides G-L and so on....

Links would still need to apply between docs (advice on that too would be greatly appreciated!!) I also have navigation links on the slides (close X and left/right arrows) that would still need to work. I fear I may have overcomplicated this, so I'm very happy to take all recommendations on board.

Many thanks in advance!

Hype File: Files | Adobe Creative Cloud

Have you thought about reusing single scenes as templates and just replacing the content? This seems a little excessive? If that isn't an option at your level of commitment, you can always publish multiple Hype files and use a jump to scene technique based on a hashtag. Hence, linking to another document would be done through a link like document2.html?scene=SomeScene.