Widgets – A Replacement for the macOS Dashboard 🎛

Soon! The launch is planned for January 1, 2020.
Sure, I could have launched it now, but I felt like doing something festive. :partying_face:

Happy New Year!

The link should work now.

The video looks great. Maybe Hype has a future as a non-linear editor? :thinking:


Just a heads up…

If you already bought Widgets — but you didn’t buy Apparatuses yet — maybe wait about a month. I’m planning to link up the two apps.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the “Universal Purchase” feature to work, but that’s the plan. I’m going to try setting it up when Xcode 11.4 is out of beta.

Sadly, I don’t think I can merge this…

Multiple App Records. If your app is currently available on multiple platforms through separate app records, please note that app records can’t be merged.


The name “Widgets” isn’t available on iOS, and I don’t want to call the macOS version “Apparatuses”.

So, if you’re thinking about turning your Hype project into an app, having a name that’s available both on Mac and iOS might be a good thing.

In general though, Universal Purchase is a neat feature. Did Tumult get “Hype” on iOS? :thinking:

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