Using jquery and lazy load? - Fullscreen Video

Hi there,

I have looked across google but I can’t seem to figure out how to work using a jquery with an embedded YouTube video. The idea is to have a video playing fullscreen in the background. Instead of having it play an mp4 file which will take up bandwidth, it will be embedded from YouTube, or Vimeo. I am new to all of this so am totally lost.

Any advice would be a great help.

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You can embed a youtube video in an iframe without jQuery
Take a look at this tutorial

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the reply, I have had a play around with embedding via iframe, but it isn’t giving the look I am after. I have since done some more research and have come across the jquery plugin
( ). This is the exact result I am looking for (A fullscreen background video which fades in once loaded to avoid user seeing loading screen and then auto plays and loops when finished). The problem is I am unsure of how to use a youtube/vimeo video and setup the various jquery files to make it work within Hype.

Any advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks Ollie

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Haven’t had time yet to play with the new plugin you found but it looks pretty solid.
If I get a chance this week I will share what I find.

Thanks @nick will be a great element to include within a project. Sure if you get a chance report back what you think.

Thanks Ollie