Uploading to AdWords

Hi! I’ve created an HTML 5 ad in Hype and was trying to upload it to AdWords.
Is there any step-by-step documentation on this? I’ve been stumbling my way through it - getting the file size down, using the correct naming conventions, removing the unsupported file formats (the .plist and the .htc file).

Now, the error I keep getting is: “Your HTML5 ad is trying to reference an asset that we can not find in your .ZIP file: bannerad.hyperesources/toypromonew_hype_generated_script.js?94304. Make sure you have included all of your assets in the .ZIP file and that all file references do not have any typos. Once you have made the changes, try again.”

I can’t seem to figure this one out. Any help would be much appreciated.

Try removing the “?94304” from the reference to your generated hype .js file. I believe this could be the reason for the error.


Hi @mulcahye – did this solve your issue?

Thanks! It totally did. I opened the HTML file in Dreamweaver, removed just the “?94304” from one line of code and was then able to upload it to AdWords without issue. Thank you for you help!

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Hi there every one, i had the same problem solved following this discussion.
thanks a lot!

Al though after we uploaded successfully the ad we’ve got a disapproval replay from google/adwords…
this is the meesage:
Disapproval Reason
Invalid 4th party call: This email is to notify you that we detected one or more invalid 4th party calls from your ads. As a result, your ads have been disapproved.

Now, i have no idea whats 4th-party invalid call, and i didn’t add any code to the HTML or any other of the code documents.

i’m attaching here the source hype file and the zip we are uploading to adwords, hope that will help you to help me… 300-250 ad.zip (143.7 KB)


Hi @Nir

Although I’m no expert in this matter I believe (and could be wrong) that the calls to fonts.google.com are causing this problem as I can’t see any other calls going out from this ad.

A 4th-party call is when an “Ad” attempts to connect to another server.

Think of it this way:

mySite --> Ad (3rd party) --> Ad connects to another server with no relation to mySite (4th party)

This could be your problem but as I said I’m no expert and could be wrong. Perhaps someone else has an insight

Hi @DBear
thanks for your replay, i will try to submit my ad with out the google fonts and will update if that solved the problem…


So the banners works fine with the google fonts inside it, we had only one banner that had some left overs code in it, our mistake :smile:

thanks a lot to every one…

doh! glad you got it sorted

For others hitting this issue, you can search through the exported .js file for strings like http or https to see if you have external URLs within your document.

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According to Google, they only accept HTML4 ads created in Google Web Designer and that they do not accept ads created with 3rd party apps. I haven’t taken it any further than this. If there are workarounds, that would be great.

What is the error you see when you try to upload?

Sorry. Just quoting from Google’s documentation and what the Google AsWordsrep tells me on the phone. When outputting a test file I see 14 JS files, including scrips for DoubleClick, workspace and more. I haven’t tried. The app can be downloaded here.

Oh I thought you had tried. Many have tried and succeeded.

Daniel, can you give some background on why that query string is added to the script URL? I’m having that issue with Adwords and it doesn’t seem that I should have to go through all 30+ ads and manually edit this path. Why does Hype append this number and is there a way to prevent that on export?

Hi Nathan!

Here is a thread that pertains to your question:

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Thanks! I love knowing the technical reasons behind things. Perhaps there would be an AdWords compatible solution that would achieve the same goal, maybe as part of the filename rather than as a query string. Either way, a checkbox option for that or having it built into the export script would be awesome.

I added this as a default for the next version of Hype so it at least can be overridden. I’m also planning to fix the issue with Export Scripts not overriding this with the Advanced Export, and would also like to have an Export Script for AdWords.