Checking Hype add in Adwords | HTML% validator:

Zip file contents check
To see if your .ZIP contains an unsupported file type, try the following:

Open the .ZIP by double-clicking on it.
In the resulting folder, make sure that each file is one of the supported file types: .CSS, .JS, .HTML, .GIF, .PNG, .JPEG and .SVG. If you find one that is not supported, remove it.
To save your updated version, select all of the files in the folder, and click File > Compress items.
If your folder doesn’t zip correctly, it might be because you compressed the folder. Make sure to select each item, not the entire folder.
More details:

What can/ should I do?

My guess is that it does not like the PIE.htc file formats. Can you remove PIE.htc file and the .plist file?

This thread may help:

Used advanced export
unchecked the explorer export 
added click tag script  <script type="text/javascript"> var clickTag = "requested url";</script>
added <meta name="ad.size" content="width=300,height=250">
and changed the path from the default_hype_generated_script.js in the html ->
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="Default.hyperesources/default_hype_generated_script.js?1497"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="Default.hyperesources/default_hype_generated_script.js"></script>
And the html5validator checked all the boxes.

I’m not sure I understand everything you did here. Can you elaborate?


The main thing is that you can use File > Advanced Export… and with it uncheck Support Internet Explorer 6-9 and uncheck Create restorable document file. This will then not export files that would trigger the error.

Thanks! I figured it out. It passed the validation. thank you!

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Can you tell me how you managed that. struggling with the MIME type error since days and I am not a developer so that makes it worse and the developer who has made this gmail ad with embedded form doesnt know how to resolve either.

The issue is that if you don’t uncheck Support Internet Explorer 6-9 in the Advanced Export field then a file with the extension .htc will be added to your resources folder. It is this file that causes the Mime type warning.

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