Unable to control physics with device tilt

Either creating new files in Hype 4 Professional or loading examples from the forums (e.g. Move symbol on tilt mobile device , Cannot control the gravity with device tilt in an iBook on an iPad) I cannot get any response to tilting device on either iPhone 8 or iPad Pro 9.7” both running iOS 12.3.1. I tried to reproduce the technique in this video, also without any response to tilting the device: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7BBVpL3Bdw .

I have tried creating a simple circle object with full physics, bounded it with static physics objects (rectangles), checked the “Control gravity with device tilt” checkbox and previewed with Hype Reflect and cannot have any influence on the circular object by tilting the device, either with or without screen lock (iOS system control) engaged. I have adjusted the settings for friction, force etc in a variety of ways without success.

I’m not sure if anyone has had this issue before, or if anyone has a simple file I can test that is known to work on one of these devices. I can’t find any information that suggests that there is a device setting that needs to be changed and have run out of ideas.

Thanks for any help or light that anyone can shed on this for me.

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