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New Hype user, basically trying to duplicate some of the functionality that Adobe Director used to provide before it's untimely demise.
Is there a way to simulate a typewriter effect BUT where a letter is revealed every time the user presses a key on the keyboard (any key).
I've read the thread about the typewriter effect - very cool, but I need to be able to control the reveal of the letters based on the actual clicking on a keyboard (Ideally without animating a graphic element covering the letters).
Any pointers would be greatly appreciated

How about...

Run on scene loaded:

 var wordToType = 'deoxyribonucleic acid'; // word to be 'uncovered'
	var txtLength = wordToType.length;
	var typeCount = 1; // start with the first letter
	var output = document.querySelector ('.display'); // get the text output by class

		if (typeCount <= txtLength) {
	//set innerHTML of textoutput to word uncovered so far + current letter
			output.innerHTML = wordToType.slice(0,typeCount);
			typeCount++; // next letter
		} else {

			hypeDocument.startTimelineNamed('solved', hypeDocument.kDirectionForward) // word uncovered, start timeline 'solved' (or do anything you want to do...)


type.hype.zip (12.9 KB)


The Type Text extension which stemmed from the typewriter thread has auto type or per key press options.


That works perfectly - thanks for the help!

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Didn't see that at first in that thread - thanks for pointing that out - I appreciate it