Tumult Site layout on iOS 9 not working

Is anyone else having this problem?

IOS9 on my iPad is rendering the site like this

I am also found it very hard to select the category and also write because the page kept rolling up if in portrait. I am just about ok doing it in landscape.
This on the main page. When within a post and posting I do not get the scrolling but do get the layout issue.

I did try and request the desktop version but it turns out this is it.

Using Mobil safari. IPad Air 2.
iPhone seems ok. I think it definitely is the site is not serving the mobile version

the template of the forum is a modern layout with advanced responsive behavior.
We need some bugfix In the latest safari and not in the mediaquery of the site.

It happens when you try something new with apple :smile:
have you tested the same page on chrome?

Hi @michelangelo I did,

And although it looks better because at first the page seems to fit, the problem is still there. The window has a massive empty space off screen and to the right. This mean the whole page can slide all over the place.

I think this problem existed in iOS 8. In Safari I aways got a similar layout like Chrome but the problem is much more in 9.

There is something Broken with the sites responsive layout.

This is fixed – thanks for the report!

Let me know if you see any other issues.

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Its now beautiful,