Troubleshooting Element Query-based Responsive Wordpress Embed

This is the first code that I have found that actually works in Wordpres. But I'm having one issue, There are two navigation buttons that should appear at the left hand side of the screen next to the red year box. Instead they are appearing at the bottom center. You can see whats happening at The two buttons show in scene 2 after pressing the start button. Any help is appreciated.

That page is trying to load which doesn’t seem to exist. Is there a different page I should look at?

Sorry, it’s updated now.

One thing I should mention, all the content except those two buttons are grouped together. I tried creating a new group which included both the group and the buttons but that did not seem to work either.

the script scales the scenes and symbols are 'scenes' in export. so what's happening may be that those buttons are scaled too ...

btw. it does not make sense to me to scale the scenes ... scaling the hypedocument should be good to go ...

btw. 002 :slight_smile: attaching a hypedoc is helpful most of the time :wink:

There is technically only 1 scene, the forward/back buttons move you along a timeline. What constitutes a hypedoc? Is it just the .hype file or would you need the resource folder also?

the class: HYPE_document

your navigation buttons are not part of a symbol so?

Each one is a symbol on its own.

The .hype file is too large to upload (15 MB zipped).

Here’s how to share a file here: Sharing files on the forums

the script scales elements with class

so it'll scale symbols too.

use groups instead of symbols and it may work :slight_smile:

If you change those symbols from 'persistent symbols' to 'standard symbols' they should work as expected. Placing that element in a persistent symbols places it outside of the scope of:

$this .HYPE_scene so it is not part of the scaled down document.

Persistent symbols are placed in their own 'HYPE_scene' container.

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Thank you that worked. I also have a question about triggering sound effects on this same project. Should I start a new thread?

Yes that would be great to start a separate thread. But make sure you search the forums for answers first :test_tube: