Tracking Statistics for Double Click for Publishers

I made an animation for the website advertisement, but the media staff said that the file could not be click tracked, and the number of clicks could not be counted. How to solve it?

The link is :

Below is the code:

<div id="ceibs970x250px_hype_container" class="HYPE_document" style="margin:auto;position:relative;width:970px;height:250px;overflow:hidden;">
	<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src=""></script>

<!-- end copy -->

What kind of “click tracking” are they using?

Quite often there would be some kind of code you can add in order to track clicks.

Are you sending folks to a URL or to something else?

Since the page that is being linked to has Google Analytics setup, you could use this format:

I built this URL on this page (of course you can choose your own terms here)

The reply from the media staff:

『 Regarding the click tracker, the creative agency has to include the click macro within the tags they provided.

Kindly share this image taken from the ad server. Hopefully, the items in red box should help them identify what is missing in the tags they provided us. 』

How to add code to achieve click count statistics??


From some head scratching, I’m realizing that I recognize this interface from Double Click for Publishers. You can find a guide I wrote for this platform here: Loading a Tumult Hype document into Double Click for Publishers (DFP)

For you, add this above your code snippet on this page:

<script type="text/javascript">
 var clickTag = "%%CLICK_URL_UNESC%%"; </script>

Next, create a new JS function that runs ‘on mouse click’ for your button which is clicked in the banner. That JS function should run this:

You’ll need to re-upload your Hype document to the server after making this change. This assumes that the variable %%CLICK_URL_UNESC%% is inserted into the window when clicking ‘Escaped Click Macro’.

Thank you very much for your help, the test has passed. But there is still a small problem: after clicking the screen, there will be a blank jump page, please help me to see where the setting is, thank you very much! Here is a screencast from a media worker.

This is the project file (967.0 KB)

Is it because I have set up a jump link at the same time?

If so, how do I correctly set the link for the jump? How do I set up to open a client’s website when I click?

It looks like you have two closing </script> tags:

Yes, you only need the JavaScript function. The ‘clicktag’ javascript function takes the place of the Mouse click > Go to URL action. You only need to have your ‘Mouse Click’ run the function, not the function and the URL. The URL is automatically inserted into the %%CLICK_URL_UNESC%% when the ad is loaded.

This may not be the correct click tag – you’ll need to get documentation from the advertising network where this ad is being placed to confirm.

When I tried to load this ad in Double Click for Publishers, I was redirected to Google Ad Manager. This may not be what you’re seeing in your region, so any documentation you can share would be helpful to see what is going wrong here.

How can I connect to the client’s website after I remove the URL? This needs to be added separately. Is there a way to add it?

Am I going to remove a closure tag?

It is my understanding that the person inserting that code sets the clickthrough URL.

But I still don’t know what Ad Network you’re actually using. That’s the key piece of information I’m missing which I need from you.


Ads are placed on and should be Google’s ad monitoring. The feedback they just gave me has two questions: 1, it will open a blank page. 2, click on the screen can not link to the customer’s website.

Very thanks

Do you have a successful non-Hype example? If so, it would be easier to help because we could see how to adapt that.

(note that google has several different exit technologies/networks, so knowing more details here would also be useful)

Thank you very much Daniel, you are right !! Now summarize the problem:
1, the head part has a JS closing tag;
2, the jump link is indeed the media should be added, because the people in the previous dock did not make it clear.
Thanks again!