Topics on time triggers

This is awesome thank you. Bravo Exceptional work. I cannot wait to show you my interpretation of this.

I realized it doesn't have the time and the date stamp, I figure I can use the one you had prior with the time and make it as one?

The other question I had; what is the best way I can add a transition fade effect to parts of the day? I suppose I can change the triggers to continue timeline and add an action to go to scene 2 with a transition fade effect?

Final question, What if its a 2 or 3 day "event" with different schedules or activities consisting of per time of the day, this one has just a single day. How do I add more days via the code? I can continue on adding more scenes and assign to whatever trigger within the code as you've laid out the foundation.


I love the way you randomized the window locations :smiley_cat: :city_sunset:

@petester If this code sample doesn't satisfactorily answer your original question you may want to post a request in the #freelance category


The example shows how to get hours, minutes, and seconds. If you need more, it's just a matter of using a different method...

You could use relative timelines instead of scenes. All of the coloring in the example is just a matter of changing properties. So, that transition can be animated.

You'd basically have to stack conditionals... if the month == mm && day == dd ...then do something... otherwise (else / else if) do something else.

I'm glad you like it. :smiley:

Good looking out, because yeah, I think I'm done with this one. :laughing:

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Thank you :pray: much appreciated.

I’ll see what I can come up with and post it here on the forum when it’s set and done for others to find a template which can easily demonstrate what I was after and credit you in the process. On my way buying the book.

@Daniel my apologies. What can I say, :pensive: I’m ashamed of asking more than I should. Be sure to remind me again if I reach the “asking” threshold before you can point me to #freelance section.

Amazing Phothics!

I'll test this out for a banner set! I'll see if my work can purchase a few of your books for our design team.
My mind starts to wonder what else can be dynamic, things like weather etc, certain scenes on warm or cold days. But i gues thats allot of messing around with paid weather api's

Some countries make this information available for free. Widgets uses data from I mentioned that earlier...

I think Canada has something similar.

I’m not sure if calling an api for ads is permitted unless it’s a company that deals or works with Google ads like tradedesk or flashtalking... who have top tier relationship with the big cahoonas. I know for a fact flashtalking has geo targeting for retargeted ads but not exclusive that work based on such criteria as weather condition, time of the day, zip codes of interest and things of that nature via its decision tree.


Adwords is very limited with almost anything, we work mostly with Studio and DV360, a lot more is allowed here to enhance rich elements.
I'll ask my Google rep whats possible, I think it must be because the freelance agency that used to do the banners before I came, was able to display the current heat in Celsius in banner campaigns.

@BannerMan Looks like Google allows it through premium ad servers like trade desk and trade desk works with established ad production houses flashtalking for example to approve its ads that have fancy shmancy Logic like weather api everything by Google as it’s readily available to Flashtalking. At least that’s how it worked in the past.

From a Google stand point it’s reasonable for them. Google has their own apis that fetch the data but for a premium I’d imagine. With Google everywhere you turn to is money.

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