Text on screen cannot delete

the words new text are locked on screen as well as one pf my pics. Locked is greyed out.

Any ideas?



As with your other recent post You need to post an example of the problem - your description is not nearly as useful as seeing the project itself.

sounds like you may have clicked on the padlock in the element pane…


This is why I always like to see the project…

To me this means that there is not a lock on the element - it is greyed out.

Thank you for responding. I just deleted an rebuilt the page. On another note would you help me with another matter… I am losing it over hear and I cannot figure out the solution.

All of my pages are cut off at the bottom and I cannot get to see the footer. I am not sure where to look or what to do. The other is the responsive design… I am playing with the Flexible Layout area but unsure of a theory to apply overall. So far6 hours on 2 pages. I have yet to see a full page layout and cannot find a tutorial anywhere that makes sense.

Can you weigh in on this and tell me what I am missing.


Still not sure Jim, but he may have been referring to Menu Item under “Arrange”

We can guess, but like Jim says its hard to say what is happening without a sample file showing the problem. Maybe…