Text correction in responsive layouts

Hi guys, I’m trying to figure out whether it would be possible to make text changes in multiple layouts at once. Like: When I make a correcction in Layout A, text changes would also be made in all the other layouts. And - if possible - I would like to do that without using symbols in order to keep the dimensions of the text box flexible. Is there any chance to do that? Thanks for your help!

A regular symbol does the job too. It just needs to be added in each layout.

But if i would want the same text box to be 600px wide in Layout A, and 800px wide in B, there’s no real option, right?

No not really you need to use duplicate text/symbols maintained by hand.

If it's only text and you don't mind code you can use regular text boxes and give them the same classname across all layouts and then set the content with this…

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I think symbols are the best solution, sorry…
here you can find two trick to use symbols but one for all layout (one for each text box or column)



Nice one I wasn’t aware of this trick with symbols.

:slight_smile: this is quite simple with just one line of css. A similar trick for the text would be great as a nativerly option in hype

Yes, now I found it you put into the DIV. This is very good although the editor shows the wrong bounding box when your rule is active. But thats worth the advantage.

.make_me_responsive_and_fit_background {width: 90% !important; padding-left: 5%  !important; padding-right: 5%  !important; overflow: auto !important; height: auto !important;}

Having width/height optionally as percentages would do the trick. Yet another feature request :wink: for @jonathan

if you remember I already told you in the past that the only bad thing of the custom code is the preview. For a beginner with hype It could be a (small) problem. Anyway, an implementation of the responsive text (on symbols) in Hype would be great!

What do you mean?


Wow, thank you, that’s awesome, exactly what I was looking for :raised_hands: