Template placeholders

I am creating a template for a gallery widget.

Is there a special way to create the placeholder images in a Hype template? That is, is there a way to designate an image to be a placeholder?


In my expirence Hype uses background CSS to display images. You would need to overwrite that through a style-class containing !important. Also play with the “protect from outer styles switch”.

Hope this helps.

I just remembered a similar case … maybe this is something for you:

Also this extension might come in handy:

To see how to use an extension visit the extension index (link found in other post)

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This is actually a really good feature request; there’s no way to do placeholders. I’d recommend just having some sort of “dummy” image, and then you can replace it via the ‘choose’ button in the Background Image inspector.

If you need to do something more dynamic (when the animation is running vs. when editing), then you’d want to edit the CSS as @MaxZieb is suggesting. However:

We generally use the background-image CSS property, but do note that in some cases in Firefox 3.5 and below and IE 8 and below, we will actually create an img tag. We probably should have the setter API let you set a background image…

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Could we not use “Bump” to resurrect a 2 year old post without an explanation :stuck_out_tongue: I’m assuming the reason is for there to be placeholders for images?? but it’s not clear!

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There you go…

This is a post that refers to using CSS to set background images and Hype now has a set background-image in the API


Okay… when I we talked about it back then it was still in development. Then I can update my brain accordingly. :slight_smile: